Saturday, August 20, 2011

July in Pictures :: Cedar Rapids, Iowa Photographer

I finally have all the pictures ready! My July in photos. And wow. Are there a lot of them. July had probably been the most eventful month in a while. Though, the most exciting part of it, and probably of my whole summer, was the opportunity to go on a mission trip to Wilsey, Kansas with my church. Recalling the fact that I took around 200 pictures, I will have to post some of them in a separate post.

Around the beginning of July, my church had a Lady's Retreat at a camp close by. Below are several of the pictures that I took while there.
* The morning we were at camp, I woke up really early so that I could get 
out and enjoy the beauty. The lighting was amazing and I just 
happened upon a bee getting nectar from the flowers.
*While at the camp, we had several wonderful worship times.
*Supper time and one of our gorgeous youth leaders.
*One of the wonderful times of fellowship.
* Breakfast and line of chairs by the pool. 
Nothing random here.
* The signs on the outhouses. I thought they were pretty cool.
*The 3rd of July Ski Show at Ellis Park.
*More awesome craziness
*I am so proud of myself for capturing the left photo. =) 
The guy skied off a ramp and did a flip!
*The nieces and a friend watching the skiers and blowing bubbles.

 * Early in July, some friends and family helped put on
the Granger House's annual teddy bear picnic.

* The highlight of the whole picnic was homemade ice cream!

* The kids making the ice cream and then
enjoying some teddy grahams.

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