Monday, July 11, 2011

May & June in Pictures :: Cedar Rapids, Iowa Photographer

They are finally up! A lot of my pictures from May and June. But.... these are only the best from my random pictures taken during May and June. I find myself taking more and more pictures every month! So many that if I put them all into one blog post, there would be a serious picture overload. lol. It seems as though the more pictures I take and the more I learn, the more pictures I want to take and it ends up being a circle of amazingness! If that is even a word.
Just this weekend I went on a ladies retreat with my church. I would just walk down the hallway and I would hear someone say, "Watch out, the photographer is in the hall." lol. I love being a photographer. I feel lost without my camera. Anyone else feel that way?

Some of the gorgeous flowers that I am surrounded with.

My niece, Ellea.  haha. Gotta love the milk mustache.

The kids at my sister's daycare actually like bugs!

Mr. Aiden, my nephew. He and his sister like making messes. lol.

In June I watched my sister, Danielle's kids while their regular babysitter, my other 
sister, Kim, went on vacation. I got to have a whole lot of fun with my camera! =)

Jack is one of Danielle's kids. He actually loved to have his picture taken! 
Isn't he such a handsome little man!?

Several times a year the Marion Homeschool has a Civil War Ball. 
Everyone dresses up, learns dances, and just has a blast. Alana, another one of 
Danielle's kiddos came with us this time.

Soccer game! What better way to have fun at a church picnic?

Emily and Lauren. Just two of the lovely ladies that went to the church picnic.

Sandra and ..?.. in a super size kids swing. haha. That was interesting.
Everyone have an awesome, amazing rest of July!

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  1. Love alll the pics! You are a prettyyy great photographer :)