Thursday, May 5, 2011

April in Pictures :: Cedar Rapids, Iowa Photographer

    Wow. April went by really. fast. No joke! I think each month gets shorter and shorter. It kind of makes you look at how short life really is and treasure the little special things that happen. =)
Anyway, here are my random pictures from April

*My niece again. Such a willing and sweet model. 
(she doesn't always want to be my model but she is sweet for sure :)

 *These are from a photoshoot I did for a friend. Has anyone
ever heard of Parkour or Free Running? Well... that is what this sport is.

*This is my adorable puppy! ....ok she is not exactly a 
puppy anymore but she is still cute.

 * Some lovely flowers!

* And more flowers! What is spring without flowers?

* The makings of Violet jelly. My dad and brother decided to make
something out of all the violets growing in our yard! :)

Everyone have a wonderful May!

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