Monday, April 4, 2011

{March in Pictures} hannah jenelle photography : cedar rapids, iowa

  Do you every get a bunch of random pictures just.... because? Well I do.  Anyway, I  have decided that I am going to share my random pictures at the end of each month (or beginning of the next).
These are my "excerpts from march."

 *my adorable niece, Ellie.  and... some yellow flowers

*Ellie's brother, Aiden with his green mask. I wanted to try it on too.
*the boys playing soccer on the back porch.

*my visit to an antique shop. There are so many cool vintage hats!!

*another nephew, Carter. Such silly kids! 

*and... the chandelier in my dining room. yes, very random.


  1. I get random pictures all the time- this is a great way to show them! It looks like you had a great March. :D


  2. Love the random pictures! :) And those vintage hats look so cute on you!! :)